Here's what people have to say about their experience with Where Soul Meets Body.

I have been a monthly massage client of Susie D’Andrea for four years and can say with certainty that she is the most caring, best massage therapist I’ve ever had. I have a history of repetitive strain injury and develop painful knots due to my desk work combined with gym and athletic activities, and Susie takes care of everything in a gentle, yet highly effective manner. Her technique is ideal because while she is very skillful and strong, her massages are relaxing and pleasant. I could fall asleep during a massage and wake up a new person! As a bonus, she teaches her clients stretches and ergonomics to avoid re-injury. She is also knowledgeable about essential oils and incorporates them into personalized, therapeutic treatments. I love that Where Soul Meets Body Massage is a small private practice without the overhead of a spa, and that I am supporting a local business with integrity and lots of heart!
— Catherine Layden, owner, Delicious Nutritious-Nutrition Therapy for Vibrant Health

Though small in stature Susie sure packs a punch — her signature deep tissue massage the “Susie Smash” earns it’s name every time.

— anonymous

We’ve been seeing Susie for a few years now and as long as she’s still practicing massage therapy we won’t be seeing anyone else. Her understanding of the human body is apparent with the way she can always coerce your muscles to behave, release knots, and realign. Depending on what your body needs, Susie can give a nice relaxing full body massage or focused deep tissue work that will make you think you just got out of a session with a 20-ton steam roller (but in a good way). Book a session with Susie, your body will thank you.
— Jacob & April (Susie D'Andrea Super Fans)