Massage Accompaniments

At Where Soul Meets Body, we have a plethora of oils available as diffused aromas during your session.  Upon request, the oil of your choice may be added to our massage lotion or grapeseed oil to customize your session even further (additional fees apply). To read about essential oils and their history, please visit Below are some blends we use most:



Doterra's signature "calming blend," this oil contains ingredients such as lavender, Hawaiian sandalwood, and vanilla bean. It has an aroma that is sweet and "powdery." The perfect oil to promote relaxation. 

Source: : Serenity

No additional cost 



Doterra's Breathe blend is also known as their respiratory blend. It includes ingredients such as eucalyptus, peppermint, & melaleuca (tea tree) essential oils.  Breathe's main benefit is to maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing, but it may also assist in minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. Aromatically, Breathe is minty and fresh.

Source: : Breathe   




The Balance blend is also Doterra's grounding blend. Including ingredients such as spruce needle, frankincense, & blue chamomile; this grounding blend may help to ease anxious feelings or help to evoke feelings of tranquility and balance.  It holds a woody aroma.

Source: : Balance

no additional cost


Aromatherapy Accompaniment

For a small additional fee, you can customize your massage experience by choosing a pure essential oil to be added to our massage lotion or oil. When you arrive for your appointment, you will have the opportunity to choose from a plethora of oils, each containing their own unique healing properties.  Some of these scents/blends may include: Breathe, Serenity, Balance, Lavender, Arnica, Ginger, Aromatouch, and Sandalwood.  Please note: this is different than the complimentary aroma that may be diffused during your session.  For more information on aromatherapy accompaniments, please visit and click on the "Eight Accompaniments to Enhance your Massage Experience" blog post.


A great addition to your massage if you are looking for some extra time spent on your feet. Using techniques found in traditional reflexology, our goal is give your "barking dogs" some extra attention during this accompaniment.

15 minutes / $20
30 minutes / $40

While a soothing stones massage uses hot rocks throughout the entire session, the hot stones accompaniment uses the rocks only on specific, targeted muscles that need it the most. Is also a great introduction for individuals who have never experienced a hot stone treatment before.   


// Face and Scalp

Stimulate your senses with this aromatic add-on. After a quick facial massage, we will use a few drops of peppermint oil, diluted in fractionated coconut oil, to end your massage with a soothing scalp massage. Peppermint has been shown to help with sinuses, headaches, and overall sense of comfort. While scalp massages are incorporated into every Where Soul Meets Body session, this add-on guarantees just a few extra minutes spent on everyone's favorite part of a massage, while also helping to regain focus and keep "massage brain" to a minimum.   

 10 minutes / $20

// Zone Out

One downfall to receiving massage is when it's done, you have to get up. Skip feeling like you are rushed to leave and zone out with our naptime accompaniment.  With this add-on, you are reserving our treatment room for an extra 15 minutes, where we will leave you to bask in your relaxation,take time to reflect, if needed, and allows you to get up at your own pace! Also helps to prevent massage-drunk driving!

15 minutes / $10

Add this simple yet satisfying accompaniment to any massage.  Towels that have been warmed to the perfect temperature will be placed on your back and feet to warm and relax your body. Guaranteed to bring your session to the next level. 


Fresh Ginger and turmeric powder are mulled together with oil to create a paste, then applied to your back accompanied by a hot towel.  While massaging your lower body, the natural heat and healing properties from the the ginger and turmeric will help to release tension in your back while allowing your body to completely zone out. After the compress is removed by fresh towels, we will complete your session with a relieving back massage. This is a fresh accompaniment worth trying!


// Structural Integration

This detailed assessment allows your therapist to appropriately identify and pinpoint certain holding patterns due to postural imbalances, and overcompensated muscles. During this assessment, the client will have their gait (walking patterns) observed, tested for range of motion limitations, and analysis of postural imbalances (i.e. one shoulder rests higher than the other). By receiving this 45-60 minute assessment, your therapist will be more equipped to provide a wellness plan that best suites your goals.

45-60 minutes / $40