Spa Services

These treatments help with the exfoliation of dead skin cells, hydration of the skin and even promotes circulation. Each treatment begins with a quick dry exfoliation, followed by applying the product you specifically chose and finishing with a quick application of our vanilla and vitamin e body butter. Dry skin doesn't stand a chance!

Salt Scrub

Keyano Aromatics uses invigorating scents in each organic product. 

Available scents: rose champagne, coconut lime, chocolate, mango

Back / 15-minutes / $20
Hand or Feet Only / 15-minutes / $20
hands and feet / 30-minutes / $40



Our handmade sugar scrubs include ingredients that are all-natural and contain no preservatives or chemicals.  Will leave your skin feeling fantastically soft and smelling like spring! 

Available scents: rose petal featuring grapefruit, geranium, & ylang-ylang essential oils; "Gimme Some Suga'" scrub featuring crushed Brach's conversation hearts with lemongrass and lavender essential oils.

Holiday featured scent: Gingerbread and Brown Sugar

Back / 15-Minutes / $20
hands or FEET ONLY / 15-MINUTEs / $20
hands and feet / 30-minutes / $40

Can be booked as a stand alone appointment or as an accompaniment.


Handmade sugar scrubs and our Vanilla and Vitamin E body butter are also available for purchase in office or at our online store.


A petroleum-free, eco-friendly alternative to paraffin treatments, Eco-fin delivers intense moisture to the hands or feet, leaving the skin soft and supple.  Each biodegradable cube used in these treatments contains a combination of palm, soy, jojoba and coconut oils, plus vitamin E, shea butter, and essential oils, and each treatment is finished using an organic aloe spray. A great option during the winter months for dry, chapped skin! 

Available blends: Be Well (Green Tea/Aloe blend), Retreat (Coconut/Pineapple blend), Pleasure (Chocolate Essence), Reverie (Lavender/Vanilla blend), Happy (Raspberry/Grapefruit blend)

Scents for the winter/holiday months: Celebrate (Butter Rum blend) & Jubilee (Berry Winter blend)


Can be booked as a stand alone appointment or as an accompaniment

Aromatouch Technique

The Aromatouch Technique is Doterra's signature, clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and specific contact points of the back and feet to help restore balance to the body.  It has often been compared to raindrop therapy.   For more information on the Aromatouch technique, please visit

60 minutes / $85