Spa Parties

Forget pampering the chef, pamper yourself...

...And all your friends with a Where Soul Meets Body Spa Party.  You bring the guests, food and drink and let us take care of the rest.  For just $30 per guest, you and yours can choose between a few options based on each person's relaxation needs.  Additionally, each participant has the option of upgrading to a second service for $10 extra.  We also bring an easy, scent-sational DIY craft and games, for a chance to win some self-care & massage related prizes and to keep things fun while sessions are in progress.   To top it all off, we'll send everyone home with a goody bag, filled with discounts, informational brochures, and a sample or two of one of our handmade products!  

Great for:

birthday parties | bachelorette parties | baby&bridal showers | girl's night in | random Saturdays



By hosting a spa party at your home or private event, you are entitled to the following perks:

  • 20% off gift certificate purchases
  • 10% off product sales
  • Choose between one of the following: 1/2 off one 60 minute session OR a free upgrade to a full priced 60 minute massage (including adding 30 minutes to your massage)
  • For every guest that books a massage appointment at the party, you will receive a $10 off coupon that may be used towards your discounted massage OR any future services. 

All incentives are valid for a three month period from the date of party. 


guest incentives

$30 per person*


  • One of the following three options:
    • 15 minute chair** massage
    • Arm/hand or lower leg/foot scrub and massage (scents change seasonally)
    • Ecofin (paraffin alternative) treatment for hands or feet plus a neck/scalp massage (Please visit our accompaniments page to choose your scent)
  • An easy and fun DIY craft--like making bath bombs or body scrubs--to be done while massages are being given
  • The opportunity to win prizes with two fun, interactive games revolving around massage therapy, self care, and wellness.
  • A quick demo on some techniques I use in my practice and the chance to learn more or ask questions about massage therapy, essential oils, and Where Soul Meets Body.
  • When you book a massage appointment at the time of the party (for a later date), receive 15 additional minutes on the house!
  • A goody bag filled with goodies like discounts, informational brochures, and sample products!
  • Each participant also has the option of upgrading to an additional treatment listed above (or a 30 minute massage) for only $10 extra***

* Includes NJ sales tax & travel/set up fees.  Parties held over 50 miles from our location may be subject to an additional travel fee.

**The host has the option of substituting the chair for (clothed) table massages instead, if asked for by popular demand and reserved at least 48 hours before the date of the party.

***This option may not be available for all parties. Availability will depend on length of party and the amount of guests attending and receiving treatment. Please check with host first.


Additional Information

-- A $50.00 deposit is required at the time of booking.  If the event is cancelled less than 48 hours, the deposit will be forfeited.  Otherwise, the $50.00 deposit will be deducted from the final amount.

-- Because only one therapist will be available, we ask that you invite no more than 10 individuals, with three being the minimum.  This allows everyone to receive their paid sessions in full within the party's hours.  If you have additional guests who do not want a treatment, but would like the information and DIY portion, they may attend for a $10 admission.

-- Handmade products may be brought for purchase throughout the duration of the party.  To check out our products ahead of time, please visit our online store

-- All parties must be long enough to accommodate everyone's appointments at the very least. For instance: If you invite 6 people who are all receiving appointments, that is an hour and a half of just appointments. We suggest you have at least an additional 30-60 minutes for socializing and other party perks. Please keep this in mind when considering your party.  

-- Although most parties usually involve alcohol, we ask that you keep your drinking to a minimum before receiving your treatments, as it is a contraindication to massage.  Anyone who is visibly intoxicated will not be given their treatment and their payment will be forfeited.  

-- All communications will be done with the host unless otherwise noted. If a guest has any questions, they may feel free to email me.  Hosts will receive flyers for both themselves and each guest that they may send through email or along with their invite.  This does not contain specific date or time information so it is up to you the host to provide this information.  The host will also be responsible for collecting not only their guest's payment, but also their treatment requests one week prior to the date of the party.  This helps us obtain a final head count and come up with a schedule for the date of the party.



To discuss and reserve a date for your spa party, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.